Bruce White

Studio Policy

I was born and raised in Bristol, Virginia. I began playing guitar and bass at age 10 which I first learned from my older brothers. I was first exposed to music with my family in the local church we attended. My family can still be heard today playing Bluegrass-Gospel in the band Hart Creek. I progressed into rock-n-roll styles of music as a teenager. My first teacher and local musical influence was the renowned guitar talent of Billy Crawford who is also from Bristol, Virginia. Billy has traveled the world playing guitar for legendary blues singers and continues to play the blues today with the Billy Crawford Band. I continued to learn from local teachers including Todd Austin of Bristol, Tennessee who taught me music theory. Dave Yates is the most influential teacher and mentor I've had and I'm still honored to call Dave a great friend today. Dave is a Bluegrass instructor at ETSU as well as an in-demand studio session musician throughout the Appalachian region. Dave helped sharpen my skills on Bluegrass guitar, mandolin and fiddle. It was Dave who suggested that I begin teaching. I was fortunate that, after listening to me play, Front Row Music gave me the opportunity to teach in his store. I've enjoyed the experience of teaching full time at Front Row Music for the past six years.

Today I enjoy playing and teaching various styles of music; I teach electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle and both electric and upright acoustic bass. I don't teach using one particular style of music; I focus on the student's musical interest and try to keep it fun for each person who attempts the challenge of learning to play. If students would prefer, I teach music theory and how to read music. For those students with less interest in a comprehensive study of music I focus on technique and learning to play the songs they enjoy listening to.