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Studio Policy

1. Make-up lessons are not available. Failure to attend any scheduled lesson will result in forfeiture of that lesson time. Sorry, no credits or refunds will be given.

2. Students involved in sports or other activities should choose a lesson time that is effective for the entire semester when possible. All attempts will be made by the instructor to reschedule a student should it become necessary. However, no refunds, credits or make-ups will be issued should these attempts prove to be unsuccessful.

3. No lesson time can be reserved without payment

4. Student practice cards are mandatory. Practice time spent on the weekly lesson assignments should be recorded daily. Parents or guardians are then required to initial the card each week confirming its accuracy. For successful results, daily practice is essential for continued musical growth. First year students are required to practice 20 minutes per day. Second year students are required to practice 30 minutes per day. Third year students and above are required to practice 40 minutes per day. Students should practice a minimum of 4 to 5 days per week to achieve the best results. Repeated failure to practice and/or coplete the practice card will result in dismissal from the studio.

5. All performance materials (sticks, mallets, books, assigned material, practice card, etc.) are necessary for every lesson. Failure to bring any of these items could result in forfeiture of that week's lesson.

6. Please call my cell phone (423-383-7068) in the event that you must miss a lesson or if you are going to be late. Please leave a voice message if I am unable to answer.

7. Students are encouraged to participate in Solo and Ensemble and to audition for all pertinent events, such as All-County, All-District, Jr and Sr Clinic, etc. Also upon gaining acceptance into one of the prestigious events, attendance is mandatory.

8. Friends, siblings, relatives, etc. are not permitted to attend lessons with you. This can prove to be very distracting to the student and teacher. However, one parent or guardian is always welcome to sit in on any lesson.

9. Parents, please do not drop your child off at the music store earlier than 15 minutes before his/her scheduled lesson time. Also, please do not leave your child waiting for more than 15 minutes after his/her lesson is scheduled to end. All teachers usually have students scheduled back to back, and the music store's staff is not willing (or able) to watch over unattended children.

Payment Policy

1. Monthly tuition is non-refundable and can be paid by the month only. Weekly payments are not acceptable.

2. Lessons are $65 per month for four lessons. Note: please refer to the provided studio calendar for monthly fees and scheduled lessons. Students are charged for all lessons whether they attend or not, with no makeup lessons provided. However, there is one BONUS LESSON included (free of charge) at the end of each semester. If I am forced to miss due to illness or any other unforeseen reason; I will promptly notify all students and adjust the rate accordingly. Please do not adjust the monthly tuition (provided on the studio calendar) without consulting me first.

3. Monthly payments are due in advance no later than the tenth day of each month. Payment must be received by the 10th. A late fee of $10 will be added for any late payments. Three late payments will result in a permanent increase in a sudent's tuition. Continual late payments can result in the termination of a student's private lessons without notice.

4.Payments are acceptable by hand or mail.

5. Checks, cash and money orders are all acceptable means of payment. (Note: If paying by mail, please do not send cash.) To mail payments, please send to: Eric Quesenberry P.O. Box 17563 Bristol, VA 24209.

6. Please make all checks or money orders payable to Eric Quesenberry.

7. Please note: I will not ask students for tuition payments. Payment is acceptable by hand from students or parents; however, asking students for money is extremely awkward for the teacher and student.

Thank You.

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