Sabine MetroTune

Sabine MetroTune
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Price: $29.99
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Model: MT-9000
Company: Sabine
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The Sabine MetroTune MT-9000 is a chromatic auto tuner, advanced metronome, and tone generator in one! Large format LCD gives you a very accurate simulated needle display along with a 3-color LED tuning display. Woodblock-sounding metronome has a continuous volume control and includes 3 modes: standard, accented downbeat, and 5 useful rhythm figures (duplet, triplet, etc.). The tone generator is perfect for ear training or as another tuning aid. The best tuning and timing technology at the best price.

Sabine MetroTune MT-9000 Features:

  • MT9000 MetroTune
  • Slim, compact design, just 4" wide
  • Wide-screen LCD display
  • All settings stored in memory on power-off
  • Built-in folding stand
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Sabine MetroTune
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