Intro to Bass Guitar DVD

Intro to Bass Guitar DVD
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The Intro to Bass Guitar DVD by Bert Casey is a instructional video lesson for anyone who wants to learn how to play bass guitar. This DVD focuses on the beginning player and emphasizes proper technique starting with basics like playing position and parts of the bass and moving on to patterns and songs. This lessson covers a range of styles including alternating bass notes, two beat, eighth notes, shuffles, walking patterns, and common rock & roll riffs. Closeups and split screen shots show both hands in detail in addition to onscreen tablature for all of the music. By playing along with a full band to 13 different songs, the student learns the basics of playing bass guitar.


  • Parts of the Bass
  • Tuning
  • Proper Playing Position
  • Reading Tablature
  • Right & Left Hand Position
  • Alternating Bass Notes
  • Eighth Notes
  • Walking Bass Lines
  • Playing Up the Neck


  • Different camera angles and close-ups to demonstrate precise technique and hand positioning
  • Split screen technology that shows both hands in detail and provides on-screen notation for all music
  • Bouncing ball type pointer to show each note as it's being played
  • Video Clock and Chapter Markers to quickly locate information in the companion book
  • Special features include the abilty to play the slow or fast versions of the songs back to back
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