Sound Equipment Rentals

Price List

Need to rent equipment for more than a day, or need multiple items? Try our Rental Estimator to get more accurate pricing information.

  • Electronic Piano w/Keyboard Stand - $75 | Yamaha P-95B; weighted keys, high-quality sound and a natural piano touch response.
  • Peavey Escort System-1 MIC included - $75 | Peavey Escort PA System with one microphone included!
  • 15" Speakers w/Horn - $40 | Work great as a main or monitor!
  • Speaker Stands - $25 | Take your sound to a higher level with our universal speaker stands!
  • Monitors - $10 | Make sure you can hear yourself on stage with these rugged monitors!
  • In Ear Monitors by Nady - $25 | Hear your bandmates better with our In Ear Monitors.
  • PVI Microphones - $7 | Vocal microphone providing high quality sound reproduction and a built-in On/Off switch!
  • Wireless Lapel or Hand Held System - $25 | Avoid the choyd! Wireless microphones are great for speakers or singers who move around!
  • Mic Stands - $5 | Let our rugged mic stands hold the mic for you!
  • 24x4 Snake on A Reel - $75 | Snakes are designed to compile channels to a mixing board, keeping your live rig looking neater!
  • Power Amp - $30 | Our High Output Amplifiers are designed to push any speakers to the max!
  • 8 Channel Powered Mixer - $50 | Power speakers to run iPods, CD Players, Microphones, etc.
  • 31 Band Equalizer - $15 | Set limits on audio frequencies with our reliable Equalizers.

Click here for terms of service.   All prices are valid for one day rentals only.