Stephanie Muncie | Student Policies

Studio Policy

Make up lessons can be made on Mondays or Tuesdays of the same week, if there is an open slot, otherwise they are unavailable. Please call my cell phone (423) 383-0041(you can also text me), not the store to discuss your inability to make a lesson. Please realize I WILL answer the phone DURING a lesson if yours is later in the day, so call before or after lesson times if possible, or keep it short; others pay for their time with me as well.

Payment is due the last lesson of the current month for the upcoming month. This is for you, to commit yourself for at least a month. Also, I will enforce a late fee of $5 per week you are late. It seems a bit much, but you probably will not forget too many times. I am lenient on that policy in certain situations. If the month happens to have five lessons in it, I will decide one of three things, have group lessons, give a free lesson, or take a week off. I will let you know ahead of time.

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