Tim Paretti

Hi folks, I'm Tim Paretti and I have played and taught guitar for 45 years and I also teach bass. I started out with the basics just like anyone I suppose and moved on to learn folk, bluegrass, gospel, country, blues, rock, jazz, and classical. I am certainly strongest in all forms of American music but also very familiar with music from around the world. I both flat pick and finger pick. In my lessons I do stress a strong foundation in the basics so that a student can continue to grow on their instrument. On the guitar and bass this involves a good understanding of the right hand as well as the left. Though I read and write music, my personal specialty is a creative side of music called improvisation, which is making it up as you go. Come on down and I'll play you something, and then I'll teach you how it's done. Looking forward to it. Tim

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  • Home Phone: (276)-676-3230
  • Address: 431 Oak Hill St. Abingdon, VA 24210.