Tim Paretti | Student Policies

Dear Music Students/Parents,

To my new students, Welcome! To my continuing students, I hope that you are working hard to achieve your musical goals.

Payment Policy:

Lessons are $50 a month for 4 half hour lessons. When there are 5 of your lesson days in the month I will let you know in advance which one we will take off. When you start I will charge you for the number of lessons left in that first month and from then on I ask you to pay me in advance on the last lesson of each month. This helps me to know who is continuing and what time slots I have available. Since it is my time that you are paying for, I do have to charge whether the student attends or not. The two exceptions are when the store is closed for a holiday or if I take the time off for any reason. Unfortunately no makeup lessons are possible since this would not be something I could make available to 40 or 50 student each week. This is not a problem since careful and regular practice is the only way to get any real value out of the lessons either musically or financially. Looking forward to working with you.

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